Recycled QWA #8: unanswered questions of the bible

Sunday, 13 May 2007

unanswered questions of the bible

  • Is there sentient life on other planets?
  • What causes illness and how do you cure it?
  • How do you build a load bearing arch or dome?
  • How do human organs work?
  • Why is aspirin toxic to cats but not dogs?
  • How old is the Earth?
  • Why can’t an eagle breed with a hawk when a horse can breed with an ass or a zebra?
  • What is the gravitational constant?
  • Is a virus alive?
  • How do bees communicate?
  • What kind of light lies beyond human sight?
  • Is there enough water in the world to cover the entire Earth’s surface?
  • How do you start a heart that has stopped beating?
  • What makes the sky appear blue?
  • Why does God allow communication satellites when He wouldn’t allow the Tower of Babel?
  • How many planets are there?
  • How do you make a vaccine?
  • Will the Earth reach tidal lock before the sun burns out?
  • When is Jesus coming back?

So, yeah, pretty much every single question in the entire world except why you better kill your kids in a hurry when the Lord asks and how to rat out a cherished friend for 30 shekels.

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