Dear John McCain,

Thursday, 17 May 2007

I want you to think back for a moment. Make sure it’s quiet and you are alone. Sit down. Be comfortable. Have a cold drink.

Now, think back. See the five and one half years you were a prisoner of war in Vietnam. While being stabbed, stripped naked, beaten, beaten, beaten, offered freedom, beaten, beaten, beaten for years… all the promises that you made. Not only the promises to yourself and your family. The promises you made to God.

Don’t you fight this. Remember it. Remember the words and how bright they were in the surrounding darkness. How they helped you. How they were iron and alloyed you in a world of pain, humiliation, and constant discomfort. How you knew you would keep them and that is what gave them the power to help you, to stand up to it all.

Now, you don’t have to answer me, or anyone else. Answer only for yourself.

Have you kept those promises? What would the man living it up in the Hanoi Hilton from ’67 to ’73 have to say about the man you are today?

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