This week in the news #26

Friday, 25 May 2007


Ann Summers attracts Apple’s ire for iGasm sex toy advertising

Forget that. Instead we should berate the creators of iBuzz and OhMiBod for not being smart enough to patent the idea and sue the bejesus out of late comer iGasm.

Heh-heh-heh-heh, heh-heh. I said, “Late comer.”

Bush: Bin Laden Tried to Start Iraq Unit

President Bush, stressing that Americans face an ongoing threat from terrorists, shared intelligence on Wednesday asserting that Osama bin Laden was working in 2005 to set up a unit inside Iraq to hit U.S. targets. Deb Riechmann, Associated Press

So, make sure you’re following along. Osama bin Laden had no foothold and no friends in the quite secular Iraq before George Bush opened the hen house and let him in. Even then it took two solid years of American effort and money to get Al Qaeda up and running. That’s gotta be a record. It took a decade with Saudi Arabia.

Associated Press: Higher education sees rise in dishonesty

Sedition·com: Associated Press sees rise in tremendous grasp of the obvious.

White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)

$73 mln Rothko sets postwar art record at Sotheby’s

$73,000,000 for a painting called “White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose).” Guess the black stripe is now where the graduate student will have room for a PhD thesis.

It’s nonsense and I’d remain anonymous too if I’d bought it. But there is a more awful, if slightly less expensive, indictment of humanity in the art news…

Green Car Crash

Warhol work sets record at NYC auction

“Green Car Crash (Green Burning Car I)” sold for $71,720,000. It’s a literal, pretentious, silkscreen of a news photo from a fatal Seattle car accident.

Observe where we put our values. Nonsense and death; a nonsense rendering of death.

Bush: We’ll leave Iraq if they ask us

GWB: “We are there at the invitation of the Iraqi government. This is a sovereign nation. Twelve million people went to the polls to approve a constitution. It’s their government’s choice. If they were to say, leave, we would leave.”

Balls. Bald-faced liar. Chimpanzee balls. Rocks the size of softballs, man. If I tried to tell a lie like that, blood would pour out of my eyes, ears, and nose from the increased blood pressure to my cheeks. Man, oh, man what History is gonna do to this poor dumb bastard.

LiveScience: Finger Length Predicts SAT Performance

Sedition·com: Breast Size Predicts… Ah, where to go with it? Gymnastics and balance? Employment options? Zenith of all conversational gazes?

Britney Spears, Light of the World

There is a Hemingway story, maybe his best, by that title; “The Light of the World.” It’s, in part, about a rural, fat whore with a beautiful laugh. I wonder if the editors of E! Online had any idea the accidental pleasure they brought me with their headline.

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Re: This week in the news #26

of art, .. i don't care for the 2 mentioned above much so that my quirky mind won't even say their names ..... , but we never did talk about . ..what artists you do like and why ? i like fragonard and georgia o'keeffe, and some more abstract artists that you may not understand ..

By anne on 25 May 2007 · 11:50


Re: This week in the news #26

.. my main comment here was .. and some more abstract artists that you may not understand ,because i have been concerned about some comments on art that you have made in the past , i could not be more of a each his own person,.i like georgia's work not love , i only mentioned her because of where you are from .. knowing that you may be familiar with her life , way of living . i'm sorry for confusing you and your friends with my odd placement sometimes ..

By anne on 29 May 2007 · 10:14

William Shakesweasel

Re: This week in the news #26

" i'm sorry for confusing you and your friends with my odd placement sometimes .." The only odd placement you confuse us with is your life.....

By William Shakesweasel on 29 May 2007 · 21:03


Re: This week in the news #26

i think this is a great vibrator

By johnjj on 23 July 2007 · 12:47

A is A

Re^2: This week in the news #26

And I think you’re a great commenter.

I hear the vibrators from there explode sometimes when in use causing horrifying damage to the area but that might have been a false rumor generated by some prick who hates comment spam. Still… why risk it, right?

By A is A on 23 July 2007 · 17:41