Some lessons sorta cancel each other out

Friday, 15 December 2006

The moment she said I was intelligent but not wise I knew. I accepted what I’d been unwilling to admit but was pretty certain of—she’d been cheating on me. I just hadn’t confronted her because I was trying real hard to not be the desperately jealous fuckwad _______ had temporarily made of me.

The revelation creates a cascade of conclusions.

I am actually quite wise;
proved by the fact that I did already know without any evidence, just a survey of her friends and attitudes.
I am even smarter than she guessed;
it only took the most oblique conversational slip for her to betray herself utterly.

So, muito smart and troppo wise.

That’s fine until you consider that being with her led to gun play and several more bad things which I don’t care to discuss even fifteen years later. The epitome of unwise. Furthermore, I stayed even after I was certain she’d been cheating and I did not disengage from the confrontations and threats. A paragon of stupid.

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