War Nerd

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

War Nerd

A friend—one of the many who prefers not to be too closely identified with me, gasp! so goes nameless—hooked me up with the War Nerd some time back. Philosophically I am quite distant from the fellow but I admire expertise and honesty in all things. Everything else is detestable, virulent, and pathetic.

So, although I would not want the guy to be President, ever, I would quite prefer him as Secretary of Defense to just about every troop strength and hardware onanist that’s warmed the bench.

From his newest–

Why I Hate WW II

…The biggest lie about WW II is that it was a war between good and evil. Bullshit, because there were no good European countries.

Fact No1: They Were ALL Fascists…

Fact No2: The Holocaust is a One-Shot Exception; Genocide DOES Pay…

Fact No3: There Are NO Military Lessons to Be Learned from WW II…

…So the real legacy of this shitty war was a Soviet world, where the way to win is to mix propaganda about love and peace for grabbing US tax dollars with a new kind of violence, a mean cowardly kind that happened in Moscow basement interrogation cells, with 70-year sentences to Office World as the alternative for us lucky Fresno-ites.

Everything they told you is wrong. Everything you believe is wrong, and worse than that—it’s dull, too. At least the fascists tried to make it interesting for us non-execs, non-surfers, non-golfers. They were brutal scum, sure…but I have to ask, “compared to who—YOU assholes?”

In the most minor rebuttal I must offer that WW II wasn’t a complete write-off. Without it we would not have “The Wall” nor “The Final Cut.” The other wars are still quite jealous.

I encourage everyone to read his columns. All of them. You will learn a great deal. I’ve been through just about everything and found plenty of things I didn’t want to hear, and many implicit moral positions I could never take, but nothing so far that qualifies as incorrect.

I encourage Mr Brecher himself to consider that neither optimism nor pessimism is necessary in evaluating men. Inductive logic is a resistible force careening toward any number of immovable objects.

That and get on the treadmill and get some sun, man. I’d like to be reading your stuff, instead of your obituary, in 10 years when you’ve got a better editor and a book deal.

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