This week in the news #8

Friday, 22 December 2006

There is nothing material to add to the headlines this week. Have them straight up.

  • Iraq attacks are at a record high: Pentagon report
  • U.S. soldiers’ suicide rate in Iraq doubles in 2005
  • Bush Warns of More US Losses In Iraq
  • In Iraq, journalist deaths spike to record
  • Costs for Iraq war approach record: U.S. official
  • Powell’s Break Confirms GOP Rift
  • Bush plans to increase size of military
  • Iraq chaos “will not be solved by military force”
  • Repeat Iraq Tours Raise Risk of PTSD
  • US military deaths in Iraq hit 2,956
  • Report shows deteriorating security in Iraq
  • Outgoing UN chief says Iraq war is worst moment in tenure
  • US Military Chiefs Oppose Temporary Increase of US Troops in Iraq
  • Support for Iraq War falls to new low: poll
  • Iraq Fuels Terror Threat
  • White House retreats from Iraq question
  • “This president is absolutely committed to Iraq” –Rice

Plenty more where that came from. You don’t need me to do it for you. Do it yourself: Iraq news.

Never has so much comedy been so desperately black.

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