I’ve killed 0.000017 Iraqis so far

Friday, 2 February 2007

IRS, e-kill

I was going to do some math on the cost of the Iraq adventure to each tax payer against the minimum number of Iraqis killed. I was prepared to get really upset about how many people I was responsible for killing, however rhetorically.

America is so brutally inefficient at war that it turns out I’m fiscally responsible [sic; ibid] for no murders at all but the equivalent of taking a half-day of life away from an Iraqi who will live to be 68.

I thought I was facing a moral crisis which might force me to become a tax protester. Instead I find that I’m golden and may continue to fund nuclear submarines, La Escuela de las Américas, and the smear campaign against Iran with a clean conscience.

Bill Gates on the other hand has paid to kill about 483 Iraqis. Bloodthirsty bastard.

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