But what kind of friend do you have in Jesus?

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Everyone knows we all have a friend in Jesus but it’s important to ask just what that means. What kind of friend do you have in Jesus?

All I got you was my eternal soul…

Q: A friend with benefits?
A: No!

Q: Change a flat?
A: Well, no.

Q: Help move your couch?
A: Not so much.

Q: Dating advice?
A: Yes but it mostly comes down to spending more time with Him and promising to never get any tail. :(

Q: Do fun things together?
A: Sure, you could wash His feet or maybe help Him clean up some lepers or something.

Q: Hold your hair while you barf?
A: No, you’d actually garner a scolding.

Q: Die and proceed directly to Heaven to save your eternal soul?
A: Of course! What a pal!

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