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Friday, 5 January 2007

Nancy Pelosi

Via Drudge, yesh, yesh, I know, guilty pleasures and all that. No. No! Not that pleasure. Please keep your hands on the table, Matt.

The Skinny: Follow The Money? Nah

So much denture action here.

“Ms. Pelosi is a huge Dead fan,” her spokeswoman said.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like the woman from the moment my retinas recoiled. I wonder why she’s not interested in impeaching Bush2… Could it be, maybe… Satan? Or that she wants her chance to swing her ass into the Big Chair when the music stops.

…supporters, like Democratic strategist Donna Brazile, told the paper: “We’ve eaten so much crow over the last 12 years I have no problem with popping the champagne, if only to remind us we’ve worked hard but now it’s time for us to work for the American people.”

Dear Donna,

I’m glad the Democrats are about to start working for the American people—and don’t even begrudge you the champagne which I’m sure I will personally pay for on April 15th—but a question remains. Just what the fuck else were you doing during the last 12 years?

Oh, I see. Campaigning. Well, that’s all right then.

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MMVII…? You pretentious motherfuckers. What is this? Hollywood or the news? Oh… My apologies. I don’t know what I was thinking.

War foes set sights on new majority

Cindy Sheehan and 70+ activists chased top Democrats out of their own press conference, chanting “De-escalate, investigate, troops home now.” Why? Hmmmm…

Hey, Democrat Congressmen! Guess what? Someone has noticed that almost all of you–

  1. Voted for the war.
  2. Have no interest in ending the war outside of the odd rhetorical campaign discussion.

Did I wish everyone a happy new year yet?

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