Happy Armistice Day Veterans Day!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Me: What are we doing today?

Myself: Thinking about shooting a veteran. You know. To celebrate.

Me: Hey, man, that’s so far from funny. I know some of your friends are kind of fringe and you’ve got it in your head that no soldier ever did a lick a good for anyone, but that’s just not true. Sure soldiers regularly fired on civilian refugees in Korea but there was also that bunch of guys who saved tens of thousands of refugees at risk to their own lives by shipping them out of a dock about to be overrun by enemy forces. It’s one thing to be against violence but without armed forces we’re just sitting ducks for anyone with ambition and a box of machetés. I mean, you–

Myself: Calley.

Me: Cali? California? That doesn’t mean anything.

Myself: William Calley.

Me: Oh… that’s completely different. … So, uh. Like a drive-by… or no-knock delivery?

Myself: Why do you ask?

Me: Just want to know how to pack.

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