Bob and the bee

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Herb Robert (Stinky Bob) with a bee

It’s officially bee weekend at this point.

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Michael Doldrumsky

Re: Bob and the bee

i've always thought bumblebees adorable. Last Autumn i discovered one wasting away on the screen of my back door, due to the onslaught of cold. i chose to place her on a more suitable deathbed which became the centre of a dead daisy.

Here it's the weekend of the monstrous behemoth moth, as i was attacked by an entire slew of them lastnight at the park.

By Michael Doldrumsky on 3 June 2007 · 14:28

A is A

Re: Bob and the bee

That’s a beautiful park. I wish we had things like luna moths up here in Seattle. I got a nice picture of a new moth yesterday but if I post it now I’m gonna end up doing nothing but bug pictures.

By A is A on 3 June 2007 · 14:52