Dear PhD candidate, your dissertation in a nutshell

Thursday, 7 June 2007

I have a theory…

Though the science is sloppy and I’ve got no notes for you I can assure you the tipping point where simple order becomes chaos lies between the real numbers 6 and 8, or 12 and 16; 5 and 10 seem to be something of a saddle point for stability (count the pairs it takes to make a circle, there ain’t no π involved). Just check the periodic table from C–O. I don’t think it’s any special property of matter, I think it’s the math and I think a 10 billion year experiment you can never run or maybe even test has laid the golden break-point at your feet like a garland of dead birds.

And while a part of me still does want to ascribe freewill to quarks and say the old man was right—there are no dice allowed in the backroom—tonight I’m down with radical complexity being quite Newtonian in nature.

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