This week in the news #28

Friday, 15 June 2007

China finds new species of big, bird-like dinosaur


Landmark study prompts rethink of genetic code

The most detailed probe yet into the workings of the human genome has led scientists to conclude that a cornerstone concept about the chemical code for life is badly flawed.

…work by the ENCODE (ENCyclopædia of DNA Elements) consortium implies that [the] nuggets-and-dross concept of DNA should be, well, junked.

The genome turns out to a highly complex, interwoven machine with very few inactive stretches, the researchers report.

Richard Ingham, AFP

Told you so.

And in regards to very few inactive stretches, I’ll proffer: no inactive stretches, just a few that are counterproductive in an innocuous sort of way.

Clarkson cancels tour over slow sales

Don’t care what my admissions counselor says, this was brilliant, man.

Iraq surge a failure, top Democrats tell Bush

Bush responds: “Heh-heh-heh. Tacos rule!”

A Fitness Icon Keeps His Juices Flowing

To celebrate his 65th birthday, he swam pulling 65 boats filled with 6,500 pounds of wood pulp in Lake Ashi, near Tokyo. For his 70th birthday, he towed 70 boats with 70 people 1.5 miles against the current in the Long Beach, Calif. harbor. For his 95th birthday, he'd like to swim from the coast of California to Santa Catalina Island, more than 20 miles offshore. But Elaine says, somewhat in jest, that she'll divorce him if he tries. Sally Squires, Washington Post

No gags. I just like the crazy old guy and admire the fuck out of his vitality.

BET billionaire Sheila Johnson: Hillary’s terrific, but Obama’s her man

Sheila Johnson is the first black woman billionaire in the United States. I assumed it was Oprah. How do you like that?

No one bags on America more than I do—and, oh, all right! the terrahists—but I ask you: Is there any other country in the world which boasts even one black female billionaire? Honestly I’m asking. I don’t know, but I strongly suspect the answer is, “no,” and I know we’ve got at least two. In your face, Zimbabwe.

Also, Hillary is not terrific. She’s the corpse of Lenin in a bad wig revivified for one more crack at proving little Alisa Rosenbaum all too painfully correct.

Pentagon: Iraqi violence still rising

You don’t say.

Pentagon admits US “surge” in Iraq has yielded only more carnage

You don’t say.

Pentagon reveals Bush’s failure to halt Iraq bloodshed

You don’t say.

Iraq: When Will the Americans Leave?

They didn’t say.

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