Republicans + evolution

Monday, 13 August 2007

Cthulme? Cthulhu!

I don’t know why so many Republicans seem to have a problem with the notion of evolution. It presents pretty clear cut cases for–

  • eating meat,
  • letting the weaklings die,
  • killing those who stand in the way of success,
  • breeding, even when it kills the mother, and
  • rape being a natural right of the more physically powerful and post-coital mobile gender.

One must assume if they’re still against it it might have something to do with their nature being–

  • prey-like,
  • weak,
  • unsuccessful,
  • impotent, and
  • submissive in all encounters with bigger dogs.
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Re: Republicans + evolution

The (ho, ho, ho) evolution of their animus to the theory of evolution is partly grounded in a populist cause they coopted. The original objection was that the teaching of evolution is thinly veiled advocacy for social darwinism, in support of an elite that needed a justification for their stealing and murdering ways. Given the way teaching is done, that's a valid concern. And in fact social darwinism has never gone away. The authoritarian objection was that the theory of evolution itself -- as it actually is -- does NOT produce a justification for the stealing and murdering ways of an elite. The obvious solution to that little problem is to attempt to ruin everything. The modern wingnut dislikes the idea of moral agency, moral reasoning and cooperation; factors in the evolution of a thinking, tribal species. They prefer whining collectivism, which goes a long way to supporting your argument.

By Vagrant on 13 August 2007 · 07:41

A is A

Re^2: Republicans + evolution

I like that. I also think the analysis in the post is as shallow as it gets and is not reasonable. A system as stuffed full of goodies as nature requires the “triumph” of the “weakling” keep step with all neighbors, cousins, and estranged lovers. Of course this does degrade into things like flus that don’t kill—bad strategy to slaughter your meal ticket; burn down the house—but constantly make life a bit less fun while they take their share of the pie to fuel the baking of their own.

By A is A on 13 August 2007 · 11:44


Re^3: Republicans + evolution

Reasonable? Well, no. But it's still funny and true. Plus, whatever shallowness there may be is easily handled by that excellent graphic. There's no fussiness in the feasting moods of the Evil One.

By Vagrant on 13 August 2007 · 12:39