Recycled QWA: Jesus had high IQ

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Stinky Jesus

What?! Talk about grasping at straws.

What if Jesus was retarded? Seriously. What if He was? The Bible doesn’t say He wasn’t. His miracles are neither math intensive nor creative—give the blind vision, heal the sick. Wow, who would have thought of that? Some kinda genius.

His physical appearance has nothing to do with whether He was the son of God or not. What if He was butt-‌ugly? What if He had severe acne and body odor—stank like a bucket of dead crabs?

Would it change how you felt? The Bible says nothing about His physical form except that He was entirely human. Those are human traits and He could have had them. I think it’s interesting that you would care either way.

Don’t kid yourself, you’re no ascetic. You care because your faith is about as deep as you are and your worship is grounded in celebrity and loneliness.

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Re: Recycled QWA: Jesus had high IQ

"Oh, Lord Christ, please for the the love of God, bathe thy stanky self."

Haha... ha.. hahahahahahaha. Hahaha... [and so on...]

By Jen on 17 June 2007 · 10:11
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A is A

Re: Recycled QWA: Jesus had high IQ

I think laughter is contagious even online. You made me laugh at it all over again.

By A is A on 17 June 2007 · 11:38
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