Recycled QWA: questions for conversation adult bible study

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Adult Bible study, eh? At last! The gloves can come off.

1. When Cain fucks Eve, his mother, over and over, does it turn you on? Discuss whether you ever wanted to fuck your mother or father and whether birth control would be ethical in that situation.


2. When God impregnated Mary, what physical mechanism do you think facilitated it? Did God, for example, become a sperm? Did He divide like a single-celled animal and turn into a zygote, thus using none of Mary’s genetic material and making Jesus biologically unrelated to Mary? Or did He physically insert His penis in Mary until He ejaculated? (Man made in His image suggests God has a penis.) Discuss whether Mary enjoyed it and if having an orgasm would make her somehow less pure.

3. King Solomon is described as the wisest King of the ages. He fucked thousands and thousands of women. Shouldn’t wise men today get to do the same without any feminist criticism?

4. God told Abraham to kill his son. Abraham obeyed because he was faithful. Would you kill your children if God asked? Or are you too wicked? Are you proud of Deanna Laney for stoning two of her children to death, and one into permanent brain damage, when God demanded it? Do you think it was God’s hand that acquitted her of murder? Do you think He’s mad that she didn’t manage to hit the last baby hard enough?

5. It’s obvious you don’t give a fig for yourself or you wouldn’t be here in Bible study but don’t you care that you’re raising your children to be confused, conflicted, and of sub-‌standard intelligence? Aren’t you willing to sacrifice a little of your terrified ignorance so that they have a chance at achievement and happiness?

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Re: Recycled QWA: questions for conversation adult bible study

The unquestionable authority racket is impenetrable, if you'll forgive the pun. Religion on that basis serves mainly to circumscribe how we may think about experiences, rather than giving any tool with which to understand them.

By Vagrant on 1 July 2007 · 17:30