This week in the news #29: LOL-special

Friday, 22 June 2007

Blair Suggested for Mideast Envoy Job

Tony Blair: Arubs want?

Vietnam president goes to Washington

Bush: Soft hand! Triết: Me visit you long time.

National Poll: Thompson 28% Giuliani 27%

Giuliani: I can has do-ovur?

I do think this has a slightly deeper meaning than Rudy being an authoritarian twat whose hematologically induced political capital is tapped out. America mostly hates New York City. We’ve just been acting nice lately ’cause, well, you know why.

Let this serve as cautionary tale to Donkeydom. You run Hillary, you better distance her from everywhere she’s ever been and everything she’s ever done or tried to do.

Graham says wife beautiful in death

Ruth: Jus’ resting my eyes
Ruth Graham retained her beauty even in death and surely “had a great reception in heaven…” Mike Baker, Associated Press

I’m sure Jerry Falwell was there to meet her at the gate beneath the welcome sign—Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.

New Gallup data show confidence in Congress at all time low

Founding Fathers: Do Not Want!
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Re: This week in the news #29: LOL-special

That cringing, groveling, glad-handing, vicious poodle always set my teeth on gnashing edge. But Ashley, you've managed to find a picture that's going to get them ground down to stumps. He's achieved the start of a rodent snarl to go with those with back-stabbing, obsequious eyes.

By Vagrant on 22 June 2007 · 01:21

A is A

Re: This week in the news #29: LOL-special


You win!!!

By A is A on 22 June 2007 · 01:28