Flump, flump –or– Literary foley at its best

Monday, 18 June 2007

Flump, flump

Nate Piekos—mmmmmm… pie, uh, kos?—at Blambot puts up the highest quality free comic fonts you will find. We’ve been using them to make fun of Jesus for years. His pay stuff is even better and reasonably priced too. I encourage you to pop for some if you can or you can get it expensed at work.

His Atland comic is the topic today because this week he did what comics rarely do—he made me hear, as well as wish I could see, the action.

The image links to the issue a couple of weeks earlier so you can pretend to follow the story a little. [A tangential bit of goodness here.]

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Re: Flump, flump –or– Literary foley at its best

In the words of the infamous jail floozy Paris Hilton----"Hawt".
Thanks for the tip off to the amazing fonts.

By Echo on 20 June 2007 · 11:17
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