600 –or– Martin made me do it

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Six hundred articles.
All worth reading. Except this,
the 600th.

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martin m

Re: 600 –or– Martin made me do it

I hope you're just accusing me of making you write poetry and not of making you move a syllable from the last line to the first. Did you do that on purpose?

Also thanks for the compliment on my listy type posts. I tend to do those from time to time when I feel I have four or five things to say that either aren't big enough to be posts by themselves or that I'm too lazy to flesh out enough to make them worthy of standing alone. The one I posted recently wasn't that at all though. It was more like one of those stream of consciousness writing exercises I still do frequently to keep myself open.

Thankfully I'm not upset by being 92% self-absorbed as a writer, or I might not have been as pleased with how it turned out.

Yeah, what with the exercises and the form poetry, I'm exactly what I seem like: One of those people who really listened to his creative writing teachers along the way and bought a lot of it.

By martin m on 22 June 2007 · 00:33

A is A

Re: 600 –or– Martin made me do it

It was sort of accidental. I wrote it and noticed it had the cadence. I counted syllables and it was 18. Chopped a word. It wasn’t 5-7-5 but I didn’t want to tamper with it.

Forced formats and such are a very good way to kill the editor; get the creativity going. I’m all for it and have used it hundreds of times.

Um… also–

1. sophistication for the simple.
2. in Japan a form of poetry which is by definition about the seasons and nature; in America any piece of crap seventeen syllables in length.
3. a writing exercise perfectly suited to special education.

I have another story about them—I wrote down somewhere—I’ll have to look it up b/c I don’t remember the punchline.

By A is A on 22 June 2007 · 00:52

A is A

All a big lie

Turned out that I was able to resurrect a post that was pulled for JS problems so this is actually #601.

By A is A on 1 July 2007 · 15:23