Thursday, 21 June 2007

Via Reason.

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Re: Incarcerex

Have you seen Panexa?

By Jen on 21 June 2007 · 21:03

A is A

Re: Incarcerex

No. It’s good. Thanks.

Makes me think of this one from an old piece

The Pfizer corporation makes several extremely effective antidotes to reality. Pester your doctor about it.

By A is A on 21 June 2007 · 21:47

A is A

The Universe is conspiring against us …well, you, Scruggs

From the Panexa warnings–


PANEXA has been known in a few cases (0.0087%) to cause Excessively Floppy Tail Syndrome (EFTS). If you are a squirrel, and suspect you may be suffering from EFTS, immediately call the Hotline at 1-800-867-5309.

By A is A on 21 June 2007 · 22:54


Re: Incarcerex

Oh. My. God.

EFTS runs at a much higher rate than that. It's the number one (#1) cause of self-loathing in squirrels. Some despair, seek quack remedies and finally cut off their tails altogether.

By Vagrant on 22 June 2007 · 00:04

A is A

The nexus of absurdity and reality is what I seek, Mr Trout Fishing in America.

The squirrel who has been here the 7 years we have has a half tail and bad cataracts; you can walk right up to her. But I believe she is the mother of the hoard in the yard I mentioned the other day.

By A is A on 22 June 2007 · 00:22


Re: Incarcerex

Might could be was her man did her like that. Saw that tail flopping and faster than you can twitch your whiskers, had half of it off. Honor chopping they call it.

By Vagrant on 22 June 2007 · 00:38

A is A

Re: Incarcerex

Honor chopping they call it.


I wish LOL hadn’t become trite and semi-sincere so fast ’cause I don’t know what else to say.

By A is A on 22 June 2007 · 00:40