Gerald Ford died a pussy

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Ford pardoned a proved criminal, Nixon, for whom there could be no excuse. Nixon pardoned a certified abomination, William Calley, for whom I only wish there really were a Hell.

Gerald Ford knew that the American adventure in Iraq was an exercise in competing entries for defining the term FUBAR. Gerald Ford knew that it was morally, tactically, strategically wrong. A war without justification to which he never would have acceded. Gerald Ford even knew that his word as an ex-if-somewhat-lightweight-President of the United States of America might carry some weight in the whole opera buffa.

He told a reporter this in 2004 when it might have mattered. He made the admission under the condition it wouldn’t be printed while he was alive, though. So it wasn’t.

Since Ford put an embargo on the interview no less than 1,990 Americans have died in Iraq. 11,623 have been wounded; many so badly they would have died in any war before this one which sports the best battlefield medical care in history; many so badly they’ll be in pain or disabled for the rest of their lives [figures].

Fords and Bushes Celebrate

The list of graves on which I plan to urinate simply must cease expansion. I’m only human.

Update (04.01): thought this was a good reflection upon what Presidents will be remembered for after the historians of the same generation have all died—“The GAW In Action.”

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