Media plugin test

Monday, 25 June 2007

So, I tried to use a certain popular media player on Sedition·com a few months ago and it caused the site to freeze the browser for all users of IE. Boo.

I’m trying a new one based on the superlative jQuery library.

Breakdown from “American Way”

Please try it and let me know if you have problems or can’t even see it.

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Re: Media plugin test

Works well with Opera, Camino and Safari. It's pretty, too.

By Vagrant on 26 June 2007 · 00:17

A is A

Re: Media plugin test

Thanks, boss. I might finally get off my duff and starting putting more music and media up. Seems quite popular nowadays with the kids. :) If I could sing that song without embarrassing myself I’d put it all up; the lyrics are quite nice.

By A is A on 26 June 2007 · 00:21

William Shakesweasel

Re: Media plugin test


By William Shakesweasel on 26 June 2007 · 00:35

A is A

Re: Media plugin test

All the things about that situation which were gratefully left behind seem almost worthwhile sometimes.

By A is A on 26 June 2007 · 00:43

your mother

Re: Media plugin test

Firefox plays - no pix
latest IE - same thing
Yeah, yeah, shoulda bought a Mac when you told me to almost 20 years ago ;-)

By your mother on 26 June 2007 · 09:56

A is A

Re: Media plugin test

That's right and good news. There's no picture/video, just the music. There is a bit of video here—Seattle is the new Aspen.

By A is A on 26 June 2007 · 11:42

chris holmes

Re: Media plugin test

IE7 user: first try, "plug in failed to initialise" so i was going to gleefully moan to Sedition as is my wont. tried it again and it worked fine, so to the fainthearted like me, kick the tyres twice and dont be so feeble.
yes, baas - all systems go this end.

ps: my laptop needs reformatting and i am taking it to a dutch goddess with umpteen certs in puter sci. she told me, big mistake to have downloaded IE7, clogger. for what thats worth.

By chris holmes on 27 June 2007 · 13:00

big papa

Re: Media plugin test

is the term 'bitches & hoes' a reference to the role of female dogs in agriculture?

By big papa on 4 March 2010 · 11:35