The new issue of Sedition·com magazine is out!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The new issue of Sedition·com magazine! Some advice about evil The Third House Sedition·com Cassidy & Mister White seasons of the electric witch About the “author” The 12 biggest problems with your blog Clutch: Robot Hive / Exodus Lexicon via UFO Breakfast Recipients How Ralph Nader caused global warming Why I hate Barnaby (Jones) JavaScript and the Bible “literally” The 99 Names of God (revised) Winter rain Friday –or– The public sex rulebook xkcd Fuck the troops In the news this week: WorldNetDaily edition

First the bad news. I post a lot. For 5 years this was a fortnightly production. For the year since I rebuilt the software with Catalyst it’s daily or better. That’s just awful.

Now the good news. I am done for awhile. Hooray! How long? That’s just it. We don’t know. Maybe some time long, maybe some time short. I guess we’ll never know, ’cause you’re not going to visit. You won’t click our URL, will you?

If you think you know better, just keep clicking on these till you learn your lesson–

I know just last week we said we would not rest this year. That sure is easy to say before you get so damn tired.

I want to close by telling you what I most totally hate about those who are quitting something. It’s how they give advice to everyone on the way out. Always. Perdedores. Weak. Have the grace to accept you’re just a quitter.

So, anyway, here’s my advice to you: Never give advice.

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chris holmes

Re: The new issue of Sedition·com magazine is out!

i am an inveterate commenter, even if i appear to be invited to a spoof. i'd not actually known of a hardcopy mag, but there were the seditious features staring out with mona lisa smile and the coded mis-spelling to 'varmit' to let me know the coast was clear.
and the first link i clicked on led me to some giuliani link but just under *that*, the Nathan Hale Bongo tale with its veritable raft of comments. Was good to re-read those that came before mine and see for the first time those that followed.

It also pointed me to the Chas Bronson movie where he blasts the guy from a dent in the cabin 'floor'.

As to the new issue of the mag, I am (to quote a learned judge) "none the wiser", to which came the lightning waggish response from learned counsel, "quite so, m'lud - but much better informed."

By chris holmes on 16 January 2008 · 04:10

William Shakesweasel

Re: The new issue of Sedition·com magazine is out!

Quitting? Resting?

Both reasons why I never entered rehab. That and Dr. Drew wants me sexually.

By William Shakesweasel on 16 January 2008 · 11:22


Re: The new issue of Sedition·com magazine is out!

I still go by a girl's name, you insensitive clod.

Made me the hardest motherfucker in the playground...

By Sacha on 20 January 2008 · 01:47

A is A

Re^2: The new issue of Sedition·com magazine is out!

Now that makes me warm inside.

By A is A on 20 January 2008 · 10:27