The Paedofinder General — YouTube week, day 6

Saturday, 4 August 2007

And here is where we separate the moo from the cow. Certainly not something I should admit publicly but Monkey Dust is my favorite show1. I eagerly await the SWAT visit I have initiated.

The show is brilliant but it’s not easy to get that from a clip. You need to see three episodes to understand. It’s not just that it’s the only carnivore out there without corks on its teeth. It’s also using a format—telling the same approximate story with the same characters over and over with different plots and props—which becomes psychologically infectious. But in a good way.

I recommend the Monkey Dust DVD for everyone but as of today it’s only available with region 2 encoding so you’ll have to check back if you’re in the #1 region instead of second place.

1 Favorite when I say the word indicates a photo finish between 2 to 50 competitors. All can take first place because the zero sum game is a load of garbage.
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