I am totally, totally, totally in the wrong line online

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Number 1 for Ajax errors

As you can see, I am in the wrong line online. I should not be giving the extensible yum-yums away to an actively disinterested collective of myfaced wanna-be-has-beens. That with one post on Ajax I went to the top of 5.2 million web pages is proof positive I’m not just a fool but the kind of jerk-off who busts his anvs doing little graphics and ironic but accurate statistics for hours on end to please the 0.3‰ of surfers who are literate, libertine, and sober enough to understand, appreciate, and forgive the average article here.

I could just be writing simplistic advice and docs for stuff that is already widely covered and easily discovered. I’d probably be making Dooce money by now. So–

If y’all don’t start churning the butter for me, I’m’a closing out the terrah and nuclear bomb fun in favor of Idiots’ Guides to Acronyms1.

1 Oh, Jesus! Initialisms then. Asshat. Abbreviation is a perfectly serviceable word, incidentally, and more accurate for dipshit language maneuvers like PHP and XML.

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