Dear Senator Domenici

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Dear Senator Domenici,

You knew my grandmother, Lucille Pond. She liked you a lot as I recall. She ran the Republican party in Taos County for as long as I can remember. You probably knew her husband too, Dr Ashley Pond III, whose father helped establish Los Alamos and whose sister wrote “The House at Otowi Bridge.”

I’m ashamed of my leadership; especially my Congressmen. I’m embarrassed by the incompetence normally only manifested in third world governments. Your role in our international debacle hasn’t been forgot by everyone. Your signature on an ever growing check that so far reads $400,000,000,000 isn’t in invisible ink. There was plenty of intelligence on your desk which was counter to the distortions the White House fed. Anyone reading it would see that Iraq presented no threat whatsoever to the United States and that any connections to terrorism were spurious. Anyone in DC doing his job would not have been made a fool.

Gentlemen may disagree about who gets which slice of which cake you steward. No one may disagree about invading and occupying another country without overwhelming and irrefutable reason. The result of going to Iraq has been more terror, more instability, more division, death, mayhem, loss of credibility, and an outlay of moneys which exceeds the damage done by the completely unrelated Al Qaeda by a factor of at least 25 and maybe 125. You share responsibility for destroying an amount of capital equal to the Twin Towers in every one of the 50 states.

Iraq has not hurt America. You have. You all became lapdogs for the president because fear mongering makes good politics. Falling down at home—in the shower, down stairs, from ladders—killed more Americans in just the last six months than terrorists ever did and probably ever will. It’s cowardice to suggest that terrorist groups could truly hurt the United States.

Get us out of Iraq this year. Keep us out of anything like it. You were a junior Senator when Saigon fell, for the love of God! Find Bin Laden and bring us his head. Then tear up the anti-American documents like the so-called Patriot Act you and your colleagues hung on us and help get this stupid chapter behind America.

Indicate to House Republicans that impeachment proceedings against President Bush would be received favorably. This isn’t only his mess. It’s yours. All of yours.

You are one of the most senior Republicans in Washington, DC. Fix it. Fix it or have it tied around your neck like an albatross for posterity. Don’t do it just to save American lives, face, influence, and resources. Your place in history could well be written by another New Mexican Pond. Do it to save yourself.

Nothing less,

Ashley Pond V

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