the book of embraces, chapter Marcie

She was the first chapter in his book of embraces. He never kissed her and when he met her he’d already kissed another girl many times. The other girl’s name was Laura. He hit her with a rock once on accident and she bled. That was the first time he could remember feeling completely awful.

Marcie looked just like the girl Wednesday from the Addams family. She was only nine when they met but he was too so it was okay. It wasn’t that he didn’t try to kiss her. He tried as hard as he ever tried at anything. But she just giggled and wouldn’t let him pull her out of sight of the adults. She was strong as he was. They played outside instead, with sticks in the blue tarp that had collected water and housed uncountable, twitching mosquito larvæ.

She moved away and then he moved away and then her dad died and then they didn’t hear much from each other anymore. He wrote a song for her in college but she never got to hear it. If she ever does buy one of his records accidentally she won’t even know it’s for her. That’s really sad.

Maybe she looked a little closer to Sunday.

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