the book of embraces, chapter Annie

When he was ten he met this wonderful girl a year or two older than he was. They met in the autumn. Autumn was pivotal for him, even at ten. This was the girl who recently told you she was in love with him.

They talked about a lot of things. She was the first girl who talked to him about a lot of different things. After they had been friends for a couple of weeks they decided they would have a real date like grown ups. He went to her house to meet her. Her family let him in. She wasn’t there yet. She showed up an hour later. She brought another boy with her so he was confused. To make matters worse she asked him to wait in the basement for her. He did because he didn’t know what else to do and he was in love with her and they were friends and all.

An hour later she came down to him. She had been kissing the other boy and she wanted to kiss him now that the other boy had gone home. Well, he was mad at her but he didn’t know what else to do. He kissed her. And they were boyfriend and girlfriend for awhile and maybe she really did love him. That part was true. The rest of the story is mostly true as well. Except he wasn’t ten, and they weren’t kissing.

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