the Washington Mutual Tower and the Devil

The Washington Mutual Tower is a tall and shapely building in downtown Seattle. I’m in love with it. I like to look at it so much that people in downtown Seattle think I have some kind of neck injury. It’s awfully nice. I’ll probably go to Hell for it though. Noam Chomsky said that Insurance companies are evil because they have tall buildings. This is an interesting syllogism. I guess that’s what they teach at MIT nowadays. This building is the tallest building downtown, I think. So they must be really evil.

I saw a painting of it in a gallery. It was in Edward Hooper’s idiom, sort of, which I like. I wanted to buy it but it was $1,200 so I said, “Fuck that,” and the painting said, “Fuck you,” right back at me for not buying it. I tried to apologize but it knew I had no money so it wouldn’t listen.

My building is just wrong to have a view of it. There is the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the way. I found some good information on the Internet about that, however. Something called The Anarchists Cookbook. Chomsky calls himself an anarchist. That’s a funny coincidence because I want to use anarchist technology to blow this building up so I can see an Insurance Company. I can’t afford the rental on a truck right now, though, so I have to wait to improve my view.

I was walking on the piers the other night lifting rocks, looking for octopuses, and I was excited by the view of downtown. Pretty town! I looked at my favorite building. It wasn’t pretty at all at night. What?!

I realized it was the glass. The building’s windows are done in this nice whitesand beach shade of sea green. That’s why the building is so pretty. It’s not pretty at all at night. From the outside anyway. I was upset and felt betrayed by the architect.

The glass makers are the ones I owe thanks. It’s just like in everything else. Somebody young and clever has a great idea and can’t get it produced unless someone old with capital gets to put their name on it. Even scientists do this, which is lousy of them. If you can’t look up to scientists…? Every boss in the lab puts their name on an article even if they didn’t think of any of it or stick the rats and count the germs. Architects are the same. Movie writers. All of them. It’s a scandal.

I think the people who are responsible for something coming off are rarely thanked. I don’t know who made the glass for that building that’s beautiful in the daytime. I just want to say thank you to them (him, her, whatever: thanx for the great glass).

PS: I found out that Washington Mutual is mostly a bank and other stuff. So forget all that stuff I said about Chomsky. I was wrong. He’s okay in my book.

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