What’s the oldest thing you own?

Monday, 20 August 2007


My name, motherf– uh, f– … friendly web fellow.

Additionally, in yo’ face.

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martin m

Re: What’s the oldest thing you own?

So what's the oldest object you use regularly? I think that's a far more interesting question than the oldest thing you own. Perhaps not as interesting as "ownership" as a concept.

I'm pretty sure everything "old" that I actually use and don't just display or keep for sentimental or collection reasons is audio equipment of one kind or another. Two of the guitar amps I use most often are from 1965 and 1970.

Other than those and a few pieces of "pro audio" equipment, I got nothin' old and still in use.

And my name's been around since, uh, 1974.

By martin m on 20 August 2007 · 06:53

A is A

Re^2: What’s the oldest thing you own?

I like that better. I have lots of books from as old as the late 1800s but I don’t touch those much. Too scared to wreck them. I have my great grandfather’s (II) diamond ring which is from 1908, I think. I used to wear it every day but now I only put it on when I want to get better service at an upscale store or something. [They treat dirty hippies with money much better than plain old dirty hippies].

By A is A on 20 August 2007 · 10:47


Re: What’s the oldest thing you own?

I have antique shit from relatives collecting dust (eg. typewriter) and books from the 1800s. I had my old scout uniform, but I donated it a little while back.

But the oldest thing I own AND use regularly is probably my '78 Honda CB550, although I haven't owned it for that long. Hmmmm... something I've owned AND use regularly that's old.... my microwave is over 10 years old. Maybe 15! Christ, I don't know.

By jody on 20 August 2007 · 09:16

A is A

Re^2: What’s the oldest thing you own?

Most of my stuff is “old.” My car is a… ’90 Honda Civic. My first car was a ’77 Civic. Man, you see one of those now, a few are still running here and there and they look like doghouses on wheels. Got 14 kids into that thing once. The computer I’m on most of the time is 7 years old and I still fire up my Mac IIsi for some stuff. Heresy!

My great-granddad again was the [co-founder? first den leader?] of Boy Scout Troop #22 (the first mounted troop in the USA).

By A is A on 20 August 2007 · 11:01


Re: What’s the oldest thing you own?

The oldest thing I own that I use regularly is my 12-string guitar. I use it as a 6-string, and I don't play much better now than I did when I got it, but I've had it since 1985. Definitely the oldest thing I own and still use.

By Phillip on 20 August 2007 · 11:44

William Shakesweasel

Re: What’s the oldest thing you own?

A piece of petrified wood that I found when I was living on the Navajo indian reservation.

By William Shakesweasel on 20 August 2007 · 21:27

A is A

Re^2: What’s the oldest thing you own?

Sure, nice. I was being stupid. I have a petrified stump, an obsidian spear head, several Jurassic fossils and some even older. I don’t use them every single day but I do enjoy them often.

My prehistoric swag

By A is A on 20 August 2007 · 22:06

A is A

Re^3: What’s the oldest thing you own?

I should clarify so someone doesn’t bust in thinking they’re making a million dollar score. The deinonychus skull is a replica. The rest are real though and just a partial selection.

By A is A on 20 August 2007 · 22:13

William Shakesweasel

Re^4: What’s the oldest thing you own?


I get tons of crap for still - life exercises there. Some can be a bit pricey.

By William Shakesweasel on 21 August 2007 · 16:16

A is A

Dog ate my puppet work.

I bought a coyote skull from them, I think it was them, about four years ago. I spray painted it chrome and was going to add black feathers and LEDs for lights to make a “muppet” with it. Dog ate it; chrome paint and all.

I wish I could afford all kinds of real and reproduction skeletons. There is a harpy eagle reproduction for sale on some site for $1,500.

By A is A on 21 August 2007 · 16:51