This week in the news #34, suggested redaction

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Thousands of GIs cope with brain damage

The war in Iraq is not over, but one legacy is already here in this city and others across America: an epidemic of brain-damaged soldiers. The Associated Press, Marilynn Marchione

Marilynn, here are the correction proofs.

strike out soldiers, replace with recruits

Also, since it’s Christmas time–

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Re: This week in the news #34, suggested redaction

That video is heartwarming, sir, heartwarming!

If I recall correctly, the same enlightened welcome awaits them all, except for the photogenic and/or useful ones, who may expect to be vampirized by soul-sucking monsters from the vast, foul depths of the media-political swamp.

By Vagrant on 16 September 2007 · 14:41