On the recent news of one less Alberto Gonzales

Monday, 27 August 2007

I would have tackled this like so much runaway co-ed summer camper but I was distracted, my lap kittens, by the first day of work behind a real desk in a couple of years. Don’t weep for me. Ask instead for whom the closing bell tolls.

Re: ’Berto G. You guys didn’t win anything. This is a staggering loss (see also). He was rendered toothless by the scandals. His office was a joke. His employees the subject of total scrutiny. Now that the house is cleaned, anyone might take over and start not crippled but full of vim and the appearance of innocence, ready to build on his predecessors’ considerable accomplishments. Also–

Will Gonzales Fall For Attorney Firings?

Gutting the Bill of Rights and establishing doctrine to support torture aren’t enough to get you fired in the U.S.G. Round these parts you have to be involved in a wrongful termination.

And frankly, my dears, if he’s not going to receive a potassium chloride I.V., I don’t give a damn. What’s done is done. Canning this walking testimonial to the powers of Satan will not change a thing and can only serve to make a handful of Congressmen appear to be less vile for suggesting it.

This week in the news #19

PS: Don’t fuck with George Bush. I learned my lesson the hard way this afternoon. Moments after the SS helicopter scanned my office window for snipers three blocks from where he was appearing today my afternoon bus was cancelled. Teach me the price of dissent. Was interesting to hear how much talk on the way to the bus, at the bus stop, and on the bus focused on speculation about the price of lead. I didn’t start any of it neither.

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A is A

Re: On the recent news of one less Alberto Gonzales

See also, also: Gonzales Gone for Wrong Reasons.

In my judgment, this new paradigm renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.

By A is A on 28 August 2007 · 19:08


Re: On the recent news of one less Alberto Gonzales

kinda makes you wonder what that motorcycle cop did.

By JYD on 4 September 2007 · 21:18

A is A

Re^2: On the recent news of one less Alberto Gonzales

Nice. I believe he was the second one too. But I guess speeding around town to make sure no one has time to get a good bead is worthwhile if it kills a few cops, or a few thousand soldiers, as long as El Jefe can retire in solitary peace. By solitary peace, I mean of course, a single piece.

By A is A on 4 September 2007 · 21:53