The first thing we do, let’s lock up the gay, Arab-friendly Asians

Monday, 3 September 2007

I recently opined that soon prison camps would be the new black. Comedy. And that cynicism, by the light of the interrogator’s lamps, makes a poor defense against that which makes one cynical.

I propose that the safety of the cynicism—the safe parties being those in office, etc—can be maintained by easing into it. No need to boil us all at once. If you do it one American at a time, you’ll get there. The key to making investment work for you is just to be consistent and patient. You can avoid armed revolution easily if you do this in baby steps.

The best way to approach this is not to stuff the gays into prison camps, though I know you’d like to. Nor the Asians, among whom lurk the only consistent terrorists in the world outside the parking spot known as Israel. Nor even those who collaborate with Arabs.

I propose instead that we round up a palatable combination of these, making it entirely unobjectionable to the voting herd by its very focus. The first ones in prison camp will be gay Asians who have worked with North African Arabs. In fact, let’s even do a warm-up and make it only those Arab-friendly, gay Asians who have actually been in an American prison camp before. There are issues of recidivism and possible desire for revenge for being locked up for no reason the first time.

In short, I propose George Takei is the real danger to America and should be locked up before the smoking gun is whatever kind of cloud cobalt bombs and photon torpedoes produce.

George Takei, gay, Asian, Arab-loving, former prison camp internee.

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Re: The first thing we do, let’s lock up the gay, Arab-friendly Asians

I wonder how much subtlety and incrementalism are still needed. As you say, it shouldn't be too blatant. No point giving the game away too soon.

Now I wonder how much incrementalism the nasty, brutalist and short realists have left in them. It takes thought and they don't like that. No one expects it either. It might even be counterproductive at this point.

The accommodationist/capitulationist demographic has grown accustomed to lining up behind their Vichy leaders and making snarky little half-witted half jokes about their culpability. IOZ has them pegged.

Maybe my mood is too morbid.

By Vagrant on 4 September 2007 · 04:01