Re: Saturday sculpin –or– A missing modest fishing proposal link

Sunday, 9 September 2007

You know what I was thinking about yesterday and don’t have the energy to expand into a real post? Ah, to Hell with that. Post away, Merrill.

Absurdism, especially in the political realm, is a sort of uber-cynicism. Where cynicism still leaves room for hope, and being hurt, absurdism defies it all. When I realized this I figured a couple of things 1) it’s the next literary wave (rewave really, I never forget my Brautigan), 2) it means I’m more of a snob than I realized. 2.1) Some “people” should quit egging me on. Face.

But another realization that came with it is that forward similarities aside there is a tremendous difference in the back-end—as we say in IT and I hear is said in the odd Turkish bath—between a clown and a jester.

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