Black commedy gold

Friday, 14 September 2007

The number varies a bit depending on the timing and headlines but 54% of Americans would like to see Vice President Dick Cheney impeached.

This morning, against my better judgement, I picked up a Time magazine while waiting at the methadone clinic to discover that only 68% of Americans even know that the Vice President of the United States is Dick Cheney.

So… assuming the Venn is properly aligned and those positively answering question A belong to the set of those bright students in the know regarding question B–

80% of Americans want Dick Cheney impeached.

Dick, Dick, Dick… you’ve got one chance left, my negro. There is one, and only one, political avenue open that leads to Redemption Gdn for someone in your position. It has turned some of the worst, least popular Presidents into heroes. And just think of the great company you’ll have when you’re greeted by Abe and Johnny ’neath the Italian signage.

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Re: Black commedy gold

It's the right thing to do. I will personally sing hossanahs for his immortal soul, in the church of his choosing, should he work his way around to the ultimate self-actualization.

By Vagrant on 15 September 2007 · 09:57

A is A

Re^2: Black commedy gold

Amen. Of course now should such an event evapotranspire we have planted the seeds to support conjecture regarding a vast De-Central-ized-wing conspiracy.

By A is A on 15 September 2007 · 10:04