You’re missing the bigger picture, George Bush is a strategic genius

Friday, 14 December 2007

George W-for-winner

Lately thinking about how effective and how true to the classics George W Bush’s long term strategy has been. His application of the maxim “Divide and conquer” has been stellar. Few, if any, equals in history.

You’ve all given him far too little credit. I don’t think the enemy of the US Government stands the smallest chance.

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Re: You’re missing the bigger picture, George Bush is a strategic genius

This is a beauty of a topic opener.

George W Bush and his associates belong to a tribe/class of people for whom the tools of social engineering are acquired and exercised from birth, in environments designed to foster that. A series of shakedowns along the way pushes out and marginalizes the people who are not good at that, or who manage to disqualify themselves. They keep their constituents in line through delegated ankle-biting, favoritism/patronage and sometimes outright bribery.

Their nominal competition belongs to the same class, and they do the exact same things to their constituency, which is -- if anything -- more deluded and duped than the authoritarian right. They're socially higher functioning, require less exertion of the top down discipline the wingnuts need, and that leads them into kidding themselves. They're reliable self-starters, bless their hearts, and reliably replace the batteries in their disciplinary implants. Some of them are so high functioning that they can accurately account for what they're doing and going through, before doing it again. They're productive enough to support comedians who help them laugh at the silliness of it all.

I'd sing the praises of the outsiders, rejectionists and freaks, but I only get along with about 10 percent of them on a personal level and rarely on an indeological one.

By Vagrant on 15 December 2007 · 13:18

A is A

Re^2: You’re missing the bigger picture, George Bush is a strategic genius

I end up endlessly quoting—well, referring to in this case—the dead old lady but there is a passage in AS where they try to make Galt “president.” He refuses to take power b/c, as he explains, they would still beat him. The game is rigged for the squirrels. The worst of us will always be the best at it b/c that is the nature of power over others. The best don’t want it and cannot even fathom—without a 1,000 page explanation, apparently—the motives or mechanics behind it.

By A is A on 15 December 2007 · 19:03