Recycled QWA: 10 questions to ask a priest

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Greatest Fish Story Ever Told
  1. Given that approximately 20,000 priests (2-‌4% of priests) have sexually abused church goers, especially male children, in the last 50 years: Have you ever molested or raped a parishioner?
  2. Have you ever known about another priest doing so and helped cover it up?
  3. Have you ever used church resources to give aid to a criminal? Or to commit a crime?
  4. How many violent crimes have been confessed to you? How many of the confessers were you able to convince to turn themselves in? How many times did you try?
  5. Who confirmed the Virgin remained one? Did Mary’s hymen somehow remain intact even after delivering the Christ? Why again does the Bible say Jesus had brothers and sisters?
  6. Given that Joseph spent his life married to a woman he never touched: Was Joseph maybe homosexual?
  7. Why aren’t Jews, Moslems, and pagans tortured to death by the Church anymore?
  8. Given the heavy-‌handed stance against condoms: How responsible is the Church for the AIDS epidemic in Africa? Millions of the dead? Hundreds of thousands? None?
  9. How could there have been 40 Popes who were never Pope?
  10. Have you got answers for any of these: Ten Questions to Ask Your Pastor, Reverend, Minister, or Priest?
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