Dispatches from an empty cake platter

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Risk is part of life. Where there is risk there cannot be total security. There is no force or amount of preparation which can entirely mitigate risk in the natural world. Therefore you can never be entirely secure.

Being safe is part of being secure. If you can be hurt, and you can be, you are not safe. Therefore you are not secure.

If you are prohibited from taking risks, you are not free. If you are prohibited from doing, what in the eyes of the democratic majority constitutes, harm to yourself, you are not free.

If you want security, you can’t have freedom. It’s as simple and irrefutable as basic addition. The quest for total security is the quest to eradicate freedom and only the latter has any chance of succeeding.

Let’s stop all this talk of how we are defending freedom with the ventures and the rules and the renditions and the pouring out of contact lens solution. You can at least appreciate ruthlessness, stupidity, and cowardice when it is tinged with honesty.

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Re: Dispatches from an empty cake platter

How different? It combines the same brutal sickness with an ass backwards (I'm going to Hell for that pun) obsession with hygeine.

By Vagrant on 1 October 2007 · 09:13


Re: Dispatches from an empty cake platter

Seeing as I'm already going to Hell . . . if Blackwater starts taking over the enema commando rape/kidnap racket from the gubmint, do we start calling them Brownwater?

By Vagrant on 2 October 2007 · 23:42

A is A

Re^2: Dispatches from an empty cake platter

Nice! Well, I look at it this way. I’ll have a lot of distinguished company in the afterlife and I look forward to trying to drown out your screams with my own. Unless of course this ends up being ironic b/c we’re both delivered unto the Earthly incarnation of the infernal machination.

By A is A on 3 October 2007 · 17:31