My penis is of no historical importance

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Rasputin’s reputin’ to be darn tootin’

It’s been out of the news for awhile and it never even should have been in the news because like most carny sideshows, it’s a fake, but Rasputin’s cock is the stuff of legends even if the original turned out to be a dried sea cucumber and the one in the photo might not be human at all and if it is, it’s not even his. The summary of Rasputin’s days is a good primer for the old pump. Witness how hard some souls are attached to their bags of meat. Further consider that it is invariably those who enjoy the meat for the sake of meat and not for the soul which refuses to vacate the premises even under frenzied, concerted urging.

The only thing I really wanted to say is that my penis is of no historical importance1. I wanted to title this piece, “My secret sorrow, #16” but like they say in Sunday school, “Don’t bury your lede.”

1 Ask anyone.

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