The moment after you’ve hit F6

Monday, 15 October 2007

I can learn 50 keyboard shortcuts in a couple hours. Enough to use most of what’s behind any given application. I can forget them in a day too. Because of this I can play Medal of Honor for two weeks straight and then pick up Syphon Filter 2 and readjust to the different controller layout by the time I’m taking out the two snipers in the snow.

Right now, on some mail server far, far away is lodged an unread email I sent. It will sit there until the morning when it is POP’d or IMAP’d down. Right now it just sits there. I’m the only one in the world who knows what it says; who knows why my blood pressure—never varying in the ten years I’ve been checking it—is forty-five mmHg over systolic and twenty-three mmHg over diastolic.

I looked at my alias file from a couple years back for a piece. Of the several hundred commands my fingers could run through in two minutes flat I only remember two. One was “F6.” It was the shortcut key for sending an email via Emacs. It was so easy to press. Before you’d thought things through. Before you realized you shouldn’t be pissed-off. Before you remembered to spell check it. Before you considered the implications of a response. So easy to press. So impossible to retrieve that email.

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Re: The moment after you’ve hit F6

The very first time I saw IMAP, I thought it said Tiamat, which would make for an interesting protocol. A protocol probably best experienced when slightly moderated by a good entheogen, which by luck was how I was moderated when I thought I saw IMAP as Tiamat.

On the other, woo hoo! I hope that works out.

By Vagrant on 15 October 2007 · 15:46

A is A

Re^2: The moment after you’ve hit F6


By A is A on 15 October 2007 · 22:15