the second letter to Ayn Rand & the reply

Night of July 4th, 1958

Dear Mrs. O’Connor,

Just finished your book, "How to Win at Pennuckle." Absolutely great I must say. First rate. Smashing!

Your friend in Sasquatch,

Edgar Rice Burroughs

P.S.: Who is John Galt? I fear I may never know.

12 July 1958

Dear William,

Thank you for your interest. How to Win at Pennuckle has been on the best seller list for some time along with my Desperate Tumbleweeds and other Russian Thistles Blowing Through the American West. There is talk of a movie starring Greta Garbo and the ghost of Emmanuel Kant.

How are you?

Ayn Rand

PS: I’ve enclosed for your review a list of my older books: Canasta for Capitalists, The Grist of Whist, and Egyptian Rat Screw: a primer. As well as a signed 8x10 for you to hold up with one hand.

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