the book of embraces, chapter Janell

She was the best girlfriend he ever had in his whole life of having a lot of girlfriends. She took excellent care of him and bought him presents and put up with a lot without acting like it was a big deal.

He treated her badly most of the time but she stayed all the same. It was the best thing that ever happened to him and he treated it like a thrift store jacket. Then one day she got as mean as him. She finally decided it was time to start that.

He had no idea what had happened. But since she had good reasons and he was generally reasonable he started to have an idea. Pretty soon he understood and a little while after that he wasn’t mad and then he was sorry about things and then he just missed her.

She loved his music and they used to laugh a lot when they were together. He never liked sex much. He always wanted to have sex with her. They talked about it years later and they both thought the abortion was a big mistake but they couldn’t seem to get back together.

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