Some editorial notes for Anderson Cooper on his 60 Minutes story “The Food of Life”

Monday, 22 October 2007

Dear Anderson,

You whined it up, Blue School, about all the unnecessary child starvation in Niger and Africa at large. How awful it was that the woman with the twins had lost four previous children to malnutrition. How terrible that 20% of the kids in Niger will die before age 5 when a few packs of formula and peanut butter could save them.

You didn’t stutter. You didn’t cough. You didn’t tellingly inflect an ironic syllable when you announced that every woman there is having 8 or more children.

The name of the miracle that will allow an already overcrowded, strained, violence prone, and starving north Africa to fill its miles and miles of dessication with millions more adults who will also have 8.5 children is Plumpynut. The nickname of the reporter who implicitly endorsed this course—without so much as one word about birth control, sterilization, or education—is Fucknut.

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