Recycled QWA: what does it mean when someone is dismissive of your pain?

Sunday, 28 October 2007

what does it mean when someone is dismissive of your pain?

Context. Context. Context.

A) Are you barely ambulatory after a recent major accident, surgery, or death of a close relative? It means the person is dickweed. Fuck him. Better, send me his email address and I’ll talk him into suicide.

B) Are you going on about something that happened more than six months ago that didn’t physically harm you seriously or put you into a psychiatric hospital? Let it go. You need to move on. The person in question might be trying to help you do it.

C) Are you whining and misting up about health problems you brought on yourself with diet or inactivity, or something you wouldn’t give a flying fig about if you didn’t see it in the news every day? It means you’re a loser and you’re going to continue to lose until you take the variegated clues life has been piling on and extract your cranium from your rectum. Sympathy is a show with a limited run. Pain is there to tell you to do something about it. Either do something about it or shut up.

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