the book of embraces, chapter Andrea, the singer

There was a really cool artist fucking her then. She said that it wasn’t going on but he knew otherwise because he drove past her house every day and the artist’s car was often there at eight a.m. That’s a pretty good sign. Artists don’t get up till eleven.

She liked him too but she was fucking an artist so she didn’t really need him just then. When the artist got bored she asked him, “How about it?”

He said, “I don’t think so.”

She asked why and he said, “Because you don’t like me enough.”

He didn’t like being second on anybody’s list. He met her before she was fucking the artist and she picked the artist. It was clear cut. He was a firm second string bench warmer so he said, “No thanks.”

She was upset. Probably she’d never met a man who said, “No.” Most of them won’t and it makes women think they can have whomever they please. They aren’t right about that and it seems to be a difficult lesson if her reaction was any gauge.

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