the book of embraces, chapter Andrea, the therapist

It was the most erotic first date he ever had. They went back to her place and she cooked for him and had a big bowl of strawberries.

He leaned his back against the wall and stood her so she was leaning with her back against him and he ran his hands over her a half inch away so he didn’t touch her. He kissed her. It’s fairly erotic to kiss someone behind you.

They were going to Costa Rica together but never did.

He though maybe her breasts were fake because they were so goddamn beautiful and firm and not quite large but big for her height. She promised they were real. He hoped like hell she was telling the truth. It was great to think that God still could make breasts better than men can.

After they stopped kissing they had the strawberries with some expensive vanilla ice cream. When something is plain and expensive you expect a lot from it. The ice cream was all that and there’s nothing as erotic as strawberries.

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