the book of embraces, chapter Kim

She was a model. She had a strong face that was masculine but nobody in the world could mistake her for a man. That’s why she was a model.

He didn’t even know she was a model when he asked her out. She showed him the pictures of herself in Cosmopolitan wearing Calvin Klein underwear only. She wore Liz Claiborne perfume though. He was very impressed and loved the way she smelled. He was happy that she liked him. He dated models before but never a Calvin Klein model. That was big time. It was like living in New York all of the sudden. You must go to Albuquerque so you can appreciate this. Albuquerque is a nice city but to be there and then be in New York just because a girl liked you, well, just go to Albuquerque and think about it there. You’ll get it.

Her eyes were so beautiful that he asked her if they were real. He thought maybe she bought them illegally in the Amazon because the color was so good and green. She said they were real but got really mad when he looked closer at them. He thought he saw a caimen’s tail but dropped it when she got mad.

One night he was kissing her on her bed in her dorm room. She told him that her manager used to make her look at herself naked and tell her how fat she was so that she wouldn’t be able to eat. He said it was terrible but she didn’t tell it like it was terrible. She told it like she was talking about some stupid birthday present that she got when she was fourteen. She made six hundred dollars an hour when she was working.

After they were to the point where kissing needs to change gears or jump the sprocket he got up to leave. She said, “You don’t have to go, you know.”

But he sort of felt like he did. A movie producer sent her four dozen roses to the dormitory desk. Then he took her to Europe on the Concord at the end of that semester. He dumped her after a fight and made her fly back home, by herself, coach. There’s no competing with that.

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