the LSAT vs. Viana Fire

I had a roommate in Korea who was studying for the law school exam. The LSAT. He’s a smart kid. I can call anybody younger than I am a kid. I like to do it. I can hardly wait until I’m 80 and I get to call sexagenerians, “kids.” That will be cool. I wonder if they’ll still be a bunch of jackasses at 60.

My friend didn’t need to study as hard as he was studying but he wanted to have his choice of law schools so he studied hard. He was really smart though so he didn’t really have to. It’s admirable that he did, though. So many smart people just coast on their smarts like assholes. They never work at anything. That’s no good. I think people like that are a disgrace. A smart person scandal.

I was curious about law school exams one night. He was studying so hard I kind of got excited about it. He would ask me questions as a third party witness to the whole thing. He asked me one and I told him what I thought. I had the same answer as the book but he said I was wrong. He explained it to me for a long time. I said, “That makes sense.” But I still liked my answer.

He had a disk of tests. He was out that night fooling around with our cute boss. I was bored and tired of watching the same six video tapes of sitcoms you could not have paid me to watch before I hadn’t seen an English TV show for a year so I put his disk in my notebook computer and tried it out. It was really long and difficult to follow and I didn’t like concentrating for so long. Each section was like a half hour or something and there were a few of them. I don’t really remember.

The computer graded my test. I was really nervous. I didn’t want a bad grade. That can make you feel like a small person. I understood why he was studying so hard while I was getting ready to look at my score.

The highest possible score, as I recall, is 180. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get 180. I got 163. I tried to be okay with that.

Good thing I only had to check boxes on my Macintosh’s screen. I was so drunk when I took that test that I couldn’t have signed my name right. I think I would have got a much lower score if I had to write out the answers.

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