the book of embraces, chapter 재희

She dumped him because he wasn’t Korean and her mother persuaded her this was the correct course of action. She never even gave him a chance to talk to her. She dumped him from Korea by e-mail just a week before she was flying to see him and work out a permanent move to the US. She loved him and she loved her mother. All Koreans love their parents. There is a word in Korean (and probably Chinese too): 효도, hyo-do. It means filial piety but unless you’re from a Confucian culture you can’t really understand what it really means; even after you look up “filial” and “piety” in an English dictionary. Since she loved him as much as she loved her mother she knew whoever she talked to last would win so she didn’t call to say goodbye to him.

He wanted the ring back but couldn’t even ask in all fairness because he’d made such a stupid point of saying, “This isn't an engagement ring,” when he gave it to her. It would barely be worth it to sell anyway and he couldn’t stand to keep it. It took him three days of shopping in Singapore to find it. It was the most beautiful ring he’d ever seen; a classic-cut diamond pinch set in white gold. He walked around the market watching kids on electric trikes for five hours while the jeweler resized it. Besides, someday it would probably hurt her a lot that she still had it when he’d forgot the whole thing.

What a bunch of fucking racists those Koreans are.

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