the decline and fall of practically everybody but Dave Mustain

Just like Dave Mustaine, I am angry again. He wrote a song called “Angry Again.” Dave is the singer for a band called Megadeth. This is spelled wrong but it means a million deaths. It’s how they measure nuclear bomb yield in addition to tons of tri-nitro-toluene, or TNT, which I know a good story about.

Megadeth is a pretty clever name for a heavy metal band. Dave is clever. They burn his albums. They are Christians. Traditionally, they like to burn things. Libraries, albums, people who seem to be practicing witchcraft or Jewry. It’s not a secret either. I don’t know why they don’t have a bad reputation for this. No one seems to dislike Christians in America but me and Dave Mustaine. I can’t figure it out.

When they were burning his albums an interviewer asked Dave how he felt about that.

He said, “You’ve got to buy ’em to burn ’em.”

Wow! Hey! That’s cool and clever. I would get mad before when my books got burned. Now, I just say the same thing as Dave. I wish I’d thought of it. But maybe he copied it from Oscar Wilde or something.

I think Dave is always angry because Megadeth is only sort of popular while Metallica is extremely popular. Dave used to be in Metallica. He started his own band because two singers is too many, and not quite enough, for a band. Bands with three or more singers like Fleetwood Mac or the Beatles or the Eagles do alright but if you’ve just got two it seems to be a problem.

I can’t remember why I was angry. Oh, yeah. Because I was in a band with two singers and they kicked me out.

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